Also I have added the seta r_multiGpu "

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   "map mp_duga"

"g_gametype sd" =Search and destroy

"map mp_nuked"

"g_gametype dom" =Domination

5. Open console with ~ and write "/map MAPNAME" (i.e. /map mp_nuked) .(按~用控制台输入命令开地图)

"map mp_cairo"

Note: Bots will load automatically at the start of the match (around 3-5sec mark before match starts)(BOT会在游戏开始前几秒加入)

"map mp_radiation"

"g_gametype dem" =Demolition

2. Copy the config to ***\Activision\Call of Duty - Black Ops\players.(这个同上)

"map mp_havoc"


4. Wait till it loads (won't connect to the server).(等待读取)

"g_gametype koth" =Headquarters

"g_gametype sab" =Sabotage

"map mp_cosmodrome"

All maps(type in console after you type in gametype without quotes":


6. All gametypes will start with 23 bots you can change this by editing seta scr_bot_managed_all "23" and seta scr_bot_managed_spawn "23" to whatever number of bots you want.(这个是修改BOT的数量,下载联机补丁, 使命召唤7:黑色行动下载地址:

"g_gametype tdm" =Team deathmatch (used for default)

1. Copy the crack to your Black Ops folder.(替换文件,可以联机一起玩了。

"g_gametype gun" =Gun mode

单机打烦了, "map mp_crisis"

"map mp_hanoi"

"map mp_mountain"

"map mp_firingrange"

Also I have added the seta r_multiGpu "0" and the seta r_multithreaded_device "1" by default to the config_mp.txt file feel free to change this.(这个是说修改这2个参数可以改善性能)

"g_gametype ctf" =Capture the flag

"map mp_array"

"g_gametype dm" =Free-for-all

To play any gametype type the following before you load the map in the console(without quotes):(下面就是模式和地图的命令)

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